outcry after the tragic death of a pregnant woman in the hospital

“The death of a pregnant woman in hospital after what the local press presented as a long pain and a refusal of care, arouses significant emotions in Senegal, and presses the head of state to respond and promise”all the lighton this drama. also readVenezuela: more than 200 died in hospitals due to power outages The … Read more

In a Ukrainian village, on the trail of the bodies of the Russian occupation

In the collection of corpses in the Ukrainian village Andriivka there is a ritual: First a yellow question mark is marked on the house, then the police arrive to dig up the grave. Finally, the relatives are confronted with the sad discovery. Some of them are stoic and resigned to the remains of a loved … Read more

More than a billion people worldwide are affected by Russian war in Ukraine, says UN chief

Russia’s war in Ukraine,in violation of the UN Charter“has implications in 74 developing countries affecting 1.2 billion people,” said UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Tuesday, April 5, at the opening of a Security Council meeting. LIVE – Ukraine: Russia prepares to take “overall controlof Donbass, according to the Secretary-General of NATO “Our analysis shows that … Read more

The “love hormone” turns lions into kittens

For years, scientists have sprayed the lions’ noses with oxytocin, called the love hormone. Result: they became much kinder to their neighbors and less quick to roar at lions they did not know. This work, published Wednesday in the journal iScience, could provide valuable help in light of the urban expansion that is forcing some … Read more

In the midst of the trial, one of the victims of Outreau’s assassination attempt recognizes

“I wanted to kill them“: to everyone’s surprise, Chérif Delay, one of the victims of the Outreau case, admitted on Monday, March 28, during his domestic violence trial, facts that were far more serious than those for which he was prosecuted and which could result in in that he was referred to an assistant court. … Read more