Social protection: The World Bank will provide a loan to Morocco

The World Bank is preparing to allocate $ 500 million in funding to Morocco to support the royal project to generalize social protection. It is intended to fund a new program covering the whole reform of health and social protection, in particular the institutionalization of the legal framework, the gradual universalisation of compulsory health insurance, … Read more

“A comforting religion, removed from the administration of the world, excludes itself from this world”

The question of the articulation of the Christian faith with political commitment has always arisen. Are we not, in fact, led to question the topicality of the Christian message, its vertical dimension, but also the horizon it offers us in our relationships with people, with the earth, with the living? This relationship can take the … Read more

The Albert-Kahn Museum, a gateway to the wide world of Boulogne-Billancourt

Albert Kahn would no doubt have appreciated this introduction. The philanthropic traveler (1860-1940) was a lover of discreet exotic atmospheres, such as those in the magnificent gardens of his property, which became a museum in 1986. The threshold of his extension built in seven years by Japanese architect Kengo Kuma seeks the same effect.. → … Read more

In the United Kingdom, the ghost of a major social crisis

Elizabeth approaches 71 Ronalds Road in the London Borough of Islington, one of the most socially mixed boroughs in all of England. She enters a courtyard whose large metal gate is only open to the public two days a week, and hurries inside the building. She comes out a quarter of an hour later with … Read more

in Lebanon, the Great Depression

Hiba (1) pulls nervously on his cigarette before crushing it with a gesture marked by irritation and fatigue. The drawn features and brownish bags under the eyes contrast with the smiling face of a wedding picture placed on a pedestal table in this modest living room. The image of this carefree young woman belongs to … Read more